Friday, 30 January 2015

My First Ever Blog

I am really keen to let everyone know about the great things that are going on in Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan.  To help with this I was told, by some of the learners, that I should be writing a blog...So here goes.

Reading in Club
It has been a great week in school this week with so much going on.  I have been delighted with the progress of our learners in Year Seven and Year Eight in their reading.  Many learners have made incredible progress - with some improving by over 36 months in just 4 months.  That's incredible.  We are going to start a system of rewards where learners can achieve bronze, silver and gold badges based on their efforts.  Already learners can achieve VIVO points for their reading.  I look forward to celebrating these achievements with the learners.

We have also had a Curriculum Enrichment day.  This is where we suspend the timetable and take part in some really important learning experiences that might take longer than a single lesson.  Year Eleven were involved in mock interviews.  They had to prepare for the interview, write a CV and then be interviewed by a complete stranger.  The feedback from the interviewers was fantastic.  They were keen to let us all know how proud we should be of our learners...and we are.

Preparing for the Interview.
Dressed to Impress


Welcome to my new blog.  I will use this space to update you on what is going on in Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan and share the great things that happen here each week.

I look forward to sharing the excellence with you.

Lee Cummins