Saturday, 14 February 2015

Final Week

Premier Champions Group
This week is has been great to see so much work on reading.  We have learners who are going to be helping in the library, we have had a group of boy engaging in a football themed reading programme working with learners from Ysgol y Faenol and we are awaiting the arrival of the bronze, silver and gold badges to reward learners who are ‘Daring to Achieve’ in their reading.

A group of learners rehearsing.
This week rehearsals have started for High School Musical.  I cannot wait to see how this comes together.  I’m sure it will be fantastic.  I’m hoping to pop in to the rehearsals in the first week back.

As I said last week we have had a group of learners who have been in Italy for the week.  They have had an amazing time and visited a huge range of places.  I have included just some of the photographs but we will add some more during this week.

Finally I had a great meeting with all the learners who are involved in the School Council, Eco Committee,  Sports Ambassadors and SNAG Group.  It was great to hear their ideas on how we can further improve learner voice in the school.  I look forward to working on our plans with the learners.

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