Sunday, 22 March 2015

Last week was a really busy week, and this week will be the same!  We have some great things planned for the last week.

Its good to see that Year 11 are really focussing on the work they need to do to be successful in their exams.  We have great hopes for the year group and look forward to them beating the records that the school set last year.  The revision classes for Easter will be shared with learners and parents on Monday.

Next week we have a group of learners who are preparing to go of the America skiing and learners who are off to India on a trip.  Fantastic experiences and I'm sure everyone will have a great time.  It's great that we have learners who want to get involved and great staff who are so willing to give of their time.

Last week we had five new applications to the school.  It really is great to have so many people wanting to join our school.  They are buying into the importance of the schools moto 'Dare to Achieve' and I am certain, with hard work, they will all do well.

We have a school newsletter out next week.  Look out for it to see a summary of everything we have been up to over the last term.

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