Thursday, 22 October 2015

The end of the first half term.

As we approach the end of the term there is so much to celebrate.  Some of the highlights are shown below.

Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan is the first school in Wales to be recognised as a TEEP Ambassador School.  This means that we are a school that has focussed on the quality of learning and teaching and have looked to develop it using the TEEP methodology.  This status recognises the  hard work of the staff and our collective desire to ensure that every single learner in the school receives the best quality learning and teaching.  We will now be able to share this excellence with other schools.  This will start with a delegation of European teachers during the week beginning the 9th November 2015.  

Learners have been up to some great fundraising this half term.

Chloe in the Sixth Form has been raising monies for MacMillan. She’s counted it today & it’s currently £182.81.  

Lainey Johnson & Georgia Baxter have also been fundraising.  They have raised over £100 in the community for Breast Cancer Awareness.  This is a fantastic achievement.

We are also able to report another successful Pink Week in support of Breast Cancer.
The learners throughout the Key stages have helped to raise over £1000 (finance are still counting!)
A special thanks to the YR10 option PE group who raised over £371.50 and a special mention for the following who raised over £20.
Leah Tulsie, Maddie, Freddie Stanton, Kacey Groves, Christina Costea, Chloe Flemming, Lainey Johnson, Georgia Baxter, Laura Fox, Luke Stanley, Vikki Harris, Kieran Kearns, Connor Salisbury, Matthew Hingeley, Lucy Grocott, Sammi Casidy, Kate Bryce, Katie Cooke, Libby Williams, Charlotte Grayson and Louise Baker.

This week also saw over 350 learners and 600 parents share in the schools Annual Awards Evening.  This was a great success and was supported by Martin Daws the Welsh Children's Poet Laureate.   It was a fantastic evening.  

Six learners from Year 8 participated in the first ever Conwy Slam Poetry event in Theatre Colwyn last night. The learners performed two poems that were written during last week’s Enrichment Day; The  Key – about the effects of bullying and This World is Flawed – a poem about the state of the environment. The learners received some fantastic feedback from the judges about their performances and the message the poems were conveying and all six were a real credit to Emrys. The learners performed alongside four other schools from the county and all participants did a fantastic job of bringing their words to life.

The learners lost out on the winning title to a team from Ysgol Eirias but all enjoyed the experience of creating their own slam poetry and performing it to a very supportive audience. We are hoping that this is just the beginning of Emrys’ adventures in the slam poetry world. Watch this space…

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Enrichment Week

This week we had one of six planned enrichment days.  The day provided the opportunity for learners to spend longer 'chunks' of time on specific activities to support their learning.  They are fantastic to see and its a great opportunity to see the whole school focusing on different areas of learning.

Year 11 spent their time working on GCSE studies.  Having such a large block of time means that learners were able to really focus on one area of their learning and make a great job of it.

It was wonderful to see how well they were working and how determined they all are to make the best of the opportunities given to them.

Year Seven went off on a team building event to Chester Zoo.  The visit gives them a real opportunity to bond as a year group as well as make the most of all the educational opportunities that the zoo
provides.  There is a competition for the best completed booklet by a Year Seven learner.  The winner will be decided in assembly tomorrow I think!  Good luck to all learners.

Year Nine were focusing on Health and Well Being looking at important issues such as pregnancy, alcohol and drug miss use.  The end of the day brought them an opportunity to be entertained by a group of musicians focusing on the messages they had received throughout the day.

Some Year 8 learners wrote this poem.  They worked with a Poet who visited the school.  Learners will be presenting this poem in public on Thursday 22nd October 2015 at Colwyn Bay Theatre as part of a Poetry Slam.

My life is like darkness
No one around
Just black and dark nothing to see
I’m drowning in my own social nightmares
I’m stressed
I feel self obsessed
You’ve messed up my life
Left me guessing what’s next
I’m scared I cry you make me want to die inside
Hiding behind your lies – living them out on me

I’m being told I’m useless
Raggy cheap stupid
I’m fat  ugly, nerdy weird
Loser you’re a nobody
Even you’re parents don’t want you
 the world would be better without you
it’s time you disappeared
You’re breaking me making me emotionally dead
I’m living through the nightmare of your words
The things you’ve said echo echo echo
It feels like you’re right here beside me
Like your voice is inside me controlling my head

How am I drowning when I’m surrounded by air?
We both breathe we both bleed
We both need the same things
Someone to listen
Someone to care
I’m trapped in a body
In a prison of your despair
there’s a volcano building up inside
All the kicking the hitting the spitting I’ve had enough
I need to find the key to open the prison door
I can’t take it any more STOP!

I need to find a shoulder to cry on
Someone to rely on
A cushion to fall back on
A friend to carry me
Let me know I’m not alone
Help me stand up from the crowd
You can help
you know can together we can do this
help me find the words
let my voice be heard
finally a friend
a light to guide me out of this dark abyss
together let’s do this
Make it through the pain
break through this barrier
One day we’ll find a way to break the chain

Unlock the door and take these words out of my brain

The same poet will be presenting the Awards at our Awards Evening on Monday Evening  at the Rhyl Pavilion. 

This week we also hosted our first Year Seven Parent's Assembly of the term.  This was a huge success.  Many parents have also signed up to work with the school on supporting their child with English and Maths.  This is a great opportunity and we are pleased so many parents are keen to take part.  We look forward to the start of these groups after the half term.  If you require any more information please contact the main office and ask to speak to Miss Kelly.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

To celebrate National Poetry Day on 8th October, learners at Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan created their own poems. They began cutting out shapes from the pages of old books and highlighting interesting words within these shapes to inspire their poems. Examples of completed work included ‘Criminal Offence’ by Paige Roberts (Y10), The Darkness Awakening by Lara Smith (Y10), ‘I love Wintertime’ by Alisha Tilley (Y9), ‘Father’ by Mikey Bonny,  ‘The Newspaper’ by Deanna Rollinson (Y8)and ‘Rattle’ by Charlie Sass-Davies.

This week we have also been reflecting on the wide range of activities that are available to learners before, during and after school.  Its great to see how many learners are involved but always good to see even more joining in.  The programme for the current term is below.

Schedule:  Autumn Term  2015

Saturday, 3 October 2015

What a week...

This week we have had a great week.  There have been so many activities going on in the school that I am sure I will miss some out.  I will just share some of the highlights with you.

MAT Learners in Year Seven.
More Able and Talented Learners in Year Seven have started work on a special project which will culminate in them writing sections of their own book!  The club launched this week and it was great to see the enthusiasm from all the learners.

Year Seven Parents experienced a lesson in school this week.  Parents were invited into the school to focus on;
1.  How to help your child with Maths
2.  How to help your child with English and
3.  What do lessons look like in Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan.

It was great to see the parents joining in with the very practical activities and getting a really good understanding of the way we teach their children in our school.  The feedback from parents was stunning and we look forward to continuing to offer great opportunities in school to help parents help their child.  Further information regarding opportunities will be available before the half term. 

Open Evening :  Last week we had our Open Evening and it was very well attended.  We have since 
had a number of visits to the school which has been great and we have already received applications for next year.  We welcome visits to the school at any time.  Please feel free to contact the school on 01745 832287 or email the school on

Last night (Friday) almost 50 Year 8 learners went to watch the Sale Sharks play rugby.  This was part of a reward for the Numeracy work that learners had been doing with the Sale Sharks education team before the holiday.   Learners had a great time and watched the Sale Sharks complete a comprehensive win!