Sunday, 15 November 2015

Learner Voice

The School Council.

The school Council are
Year 7 Sam Hansen and Samantha Cassidy
Year 8 Alex Jones and Harrison Evans
Year 9 Jack Lea and Billie Bennett
Year 10 Tegan Pilkington and Leon Best
Year 11 Scott Jones, James Hill and Annie-Rose Williams
Sixth Form Naomi Winterbottom Harry Hansen Iwan Coghlan, Katie Salle
The aims for 2015-16  are to continue to act as the learner voice on a whole range of issues that affect the daily lives of learners at Emrys. The aim is to devote more time to teaching and learning related topics during this year. The first half term saw a whole school debate on the issue of homework. Information gathered will be used to influence the future of homework setting and completion.

Aim of The BoBs Group is to:

·         Enhance opportunities for learners to access a healthy diet and to develop a positive attitude towards food and health
·         Create a sense or responsibility and ownership amongst learners regarding food in school.
·         Promote sound nutrition knowledge and cooking skills amongst the Learners.
·         Trail and test the healthy eating dishes in the school menu and collate feedback.
·         Make recommendations for change.
·         Generate partnership working between relevant parties.
·         Supports and promote the development of a School Food and Fitness Policy.
·         Support the recommendations set in the Welsh Assembly Government document Appetite for Life Action Plan (2008).

Benefits of being a BOB’s member:
·         Empowers learners; enabling school learners to give their views on the food available in school.
·         Partnership building; bringing people from all aspects of education together towards a common goal.
·         Educates learners about nutrition and the importance of healthy eating.
·         Develops young learners cooking skills.
·         Provides extra curricular activities for young learners to be involved with.
·         Promotes self confidence /self esteem in young learners.
·         Provides a framework to support the development of a live Food and Fitness Policy

·         Teach primary schools at the Conwy Food Festival about healthy eating and pass on new cooking skills
·         Bob’s from local primary schools cook every Thursday after school. The Bob’s group help support in the activities
·         Take part in taster days to promote different dishes in the school restaurant, collect data and analyse the results
·         Take their level 1 award in food safety awareness in catering and receive a certificate when they pass


At Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan we have our own eCadetts groups.  This has 26 learners from across Year 8, 9 and 10.
eCadets – “Our vision is to help kids and parents to understand how to be safe online.”
The eCadet scheme is the 1st structured peer empowerment eSafety scheme which trains and supports a team of learners to be able to help classmates to stay safe online.
The scheme enables learners to log into the website and complete activities that will inform and empower them, over time, to act as a first contact to their peers if they have any minor concerns. Issues or questions regarding eSafety.
Aims for this year are simply:-
·         To learn about eSafety
·         To promote eSafety
·         To participate in Safer Internet Day

We also have the Eco Committee.  Below shows some of the priorities that they will be working on in this year.


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