Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Catching Up...

It has been too long since by last blog and my new years resolution is to make sure that I get back to writing my blog each week.  I think there is so much going on that I have just not had time to write it all down!

Today we have had our very own Christmas Market in school.  Mrs Dolben, the Curriculum Leader for Languages, said that

"It was a great success and I think everyone enjoyed it!

I have just finished counting up all of the money raised (including loose change that has been collected) and we have managed to raise an amazing £80 for the North Clwyd Animal Rescue(special thank you to Mr Owens who contributed the final 10p in order to push us up to £80!)!"

As part of our work, as a TEEP Ambassador School, we have been working with a number of other local schools to share the quality of learning and teaching in the school with them.  This has been a fantastic opportunity to showcase what is going on in the school and our visitors have always been very impressed. 

This evening we have our Annual Christmas Concert.  I look forward to sharing with you how amazing it has been in my next blog before the end of this week.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Another great week.

This week we have had the schools Open Evening.  It was fantastic to see so many parents and their children visiting us to see what we can offer here at Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan.

The school was packed and there were so many fantastic activities taking place.

Further information about the school can be found on the schools website and visits to the school are always welcome.  Please contact reception.

Further information regarding the admissions process is also available on the schools website.  The link to the relevant section is shown below.  

Admissions Page

Year 11 have got off to a fantastic start with over 90 learners remaining behind after school for additional Mathematics revision lessons this week.  This has been the result of a fantastic partnership between the school and the parents/carers.  I couldn't be more pleased with the way year 11 have approached their studies and I look forward to seeing this continue.  Mr Williams went into assembly this morning to congratulate the learners and share with them rewards for their hard work.

The after school activities are now fully under way and it has been great to see so many learners getting involved.  There is still time to join in and you can follow the link below to go to the Engage @ Emrys Webpage. 

Nest week we will be celebrating the European Day of Languages in school. 

This work links to our International School Award.  This recognises the range of International links that we have as a school and how the links improve the education in the school.  The assessor commented that;

'This is an excellent application for Re-accreditation from Ysgol Emrys Ap Iwan in Abergele. The assessor was frankly stunned by the intensity, variety and impact of the collaboration with the European partners, both through Comenius and Erasmus+ and separately through the Lefevre Trust. The range of collaboration included Rural Tourism, Cultural Equivalency, Do’s and Don’ts for Travellers and the North Wales Games.'


Sunday, 18 September 2016

Welcome Back

Welcome back !! 

It has been great to welcome all our learners back to school over the last two weeks.  We have had a fantastic start to the term and I look forward to this continuing.  I want to just highlight some of the very positive things that have been happening.

Attendance :  Attendance has been the highest ever at the start of an academic year.  We are delighted with this as we know that good attendance leads to good achievement.  The whole school target is for learners to maintain attendance above 95%.  We need everyone to Dare to Achieve on this.

Punctuality is equally important.  A reminder that all learners are expected to be in their tutor room for 8.55am each day.

Parents Meetings

We have so far had three parents meetings one for each of Year 11, Year 10 and Year 12/13.  

The feedback from each event has been very positive and we are looking at ways that we can continue to support parents in helping their child to achieve as well as possible.

Anyone who missed any of the events will have received the information in the post.  If this is not the case please contact the main office to request it.

It has been fantastic to see the learners return to school in the full uniform.  As you are aware this is an expectation that every day learners are prepared for learning.  This includes the appropriate uniform.

 Engage @ Emrys 
As you will know we run an extensive range of activities after school.  These are really important to help learners build confidence and take part in activities that they would not normally participate in.

Next weeks blog will focus on the activities that are available and how learners can get involved.


Thursday, 18 August 2016

A Level Results Day

Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan celebrates “best ever” A level results with 100 per cent pass rate

An Abergele school is celebrating its best ever A level results, with a 100 per cent pass rate.

Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan sixth formers were in school bright and early, many after a sleepless night, to get their A and AS level results.

Dozens are now gearing up to head off to university to start degrees, many to their first choices.

Head teacher Lee Cummins says he is delighted with the Year 13 and Year 12 learners’

He said: They have achieved an excellent and remarkable set of A and AS Level results. In fact 100% of our learners achieved two or more A level passes with many at grade A* to C.

Learners have excelled in both traditional and vocational subjects. Their excellent performance will allow our students to continue their life-long learning journey.”

He added: These results are another magnificent achievement for all concerned with Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan. We are delighted for all our learners.

Our sixth form provision continues to flourish and I would like to thank all staff and parents who have tirelessly supported these young people in achieving these excellent set of results.

They have now secured the next step on the road to even greater success and we wish every learner continued success and happiness as they move on to pursue their chosen careers and further study.”

A-Level student Isabella McQuillan, 17, was delighted with her geography A grade and two Bs in biology and history.

She said: I’m quite pleased with my results and I’m looking forward to telling my parents and family. I’m now able to take my place at Manchester University where I’m going to study Environmental Science.

I’m still not sure on what my career will be but I’m grateful to the staff and teachers of Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan for their support during my time at the school.”

 A-Level students Maisie Pepper, Hannah Mainon, and Chloe Roberts, all 18, were delighted with their results.

Maisie, of Kinmel Bay, got a A in the Welsh Baccalaureate, a B in psychology and a distinction in sport.

She said: I’m really pleased and can now take my place at Loughborough University where I’m going to study psychology. Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan has been fantastic and the teaching staff have been superb.”

Hannah, of Bodelwyddan, was thrilled with her A in psychology, B in history and C in

She said: I’m now off to Liverpool University to study psychology. I want to eventually work in the field of adolescent mental health. I agree with Maisie, the school has been wonderful and the teachers excellent.”

Chloe Roberts, of Abergele, was pleased with her B grades in business, health and social studies, and the Welsh Baccalaureate.

She said: I’m now going to Chester University and read early childhood studies. Eventually I’m thinking of a career in teaching.

As Maisie and Hannah have said, the school has been really supportive and the teaching has been superb with plenty of one to one sessions, which really help.”

Hannah’s sister Chloe, 17, was also at the school to get her AS level results, and was delighted with her A level grades in history, psychology and English literature.

She said: I’m returning to Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan next year and will complete my A-Levels in history, psychology and English Literature. I’m really happy and pleased with my results which are stepping stones towards my full A-Levels.

I’m still undecided on the career I will pursue but I am on course to get my place in university.”

Fellow AS Level student Emily Roberts, 17, of St Asaph scored three B grades in her AS level history, psychology and English Literature.

She said: I’m really pleased and will be back to complete my A-Levels next year. I’m still not sure what to do career-wise but I still think I’d like to go to dance college.”

There is still time to enrol on courses for 2016-17. Please contact Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan on or visit the school on Friday, September 2.

The school looks forward to seeing many learners joining in their missions to Dare to Achieve @ Emrys.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

What a good few weeks we have had in school and a few more great weeks to look forward to.  There is always a lot going on at this time of year and I am only able to share some of the events with you.

Last Thursday we had the Year 11 Record of Achievement evening.  This is always a great evening and an opportunity for us all to celebrate the last five years of education for our Year 11 learners.  This year was especially positive with all the learners thanking their tutors for their support and tutors reflecting fondly on the experience of taking their tutor group through Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan.  The evening was punctuated with some fantastic musical performances which showcased the talent in the year group.  Again, it was fantastic to see the support that the learners offered to each other.

Clearly this is not the end of the journey and many learners will be joining us again in the Sixth Form.  Further information about this will be posted home and is available from the schools website.


As is always the case at this time in the academic year we look
forward to welcoming our new Year Seven to the school.  We have three days of activities to support them in integrating into our school and ensuring they are confident learners for the next stage in their educational journey.
I am delighted by the number of learners we have joining us in September and would like to remind any parents/carers who are still looking to secure a place at Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan to do so as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.

We have already had a number of events in school and  I am very grateful for the positive feedback we have received from parents and learners.  This partnership is very important to us.


Engage @ Emrys

As many of you will know the Engage @ Emrys Programme is our programme of before, during and after school activities.  It is a really important part of what we offer at our school and we are very proud of it.  We are currently working on the programme for next year and will be sharing the plan with learners and parents very soon.  We hope as many of you as possible will join in and 'dare to achieve' by being part of the activities.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Reflection on the term.

The end of a term always provides a great opportunity to reflect on all that has been achieved in the school.  As always I have been really proud of the achievements in the school.  We have so many young people who are working hard and living up to the 'moto' of the school in terms of 'Daring to Achieve'.  Below summarises just some of these achievements.

One of the highlights of the term has been to invite colleagues from other schools to see what is going on in our lessons at Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan.  As the only TEEP Ambassador School in Wales it is great to be able to share the work of the school with others.

One of the things that we regularly celebrate in the school is the learners participation in the Engage @ Emrys Programme.  We really are very fortunate in terms of the range of activities which learners are able to access in the school.  It has also been great to see learners from Primary schools join us in these activities.  I look forward to seeing the programme for the final term ready to go out to you all.

F1 Team 'Nitro' - Part of the schools STEM Provision

Water Sports

Learners having a go at the whole range of Water Sports Activities.

Coding @ Emrys Club
A great event during the term was the World Book Night Event.  Over 200 learners from across the Primary schools joined us for a great event.  As always there were authors sharing their craft and other great activities for learners and their families to join in with

We have just launched our new newsletter.  A copy of this has been sent home with all learners and can also be accessed from the website.
Just a reminder that there are many activities on during the half term to support Year Eleven in their preparation for their examinations.  We hope that as any learners as possible take up the opportunities.  Please see our Twitter feed or the schools website for further information.

Monday, 18 April 2016

World Book Night

Join us for World Book Night on Thursday 21st April 20016. 

Latest News ...

A couple of news stories  from the press.

Abergele school a cut above the rest with hair and beauty salon

An Abergele school is proving a cut above the rest thanks to its own hair and beauty salon.

Pupils at Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan can chose to study for GCSEs at the on-site salon - with fellow students, family and local residents all snapping up the chance for cut-price treatments.

The students work under the guidance of fully qualified staff - including one mum who went back to the school to brush up on her own qualifications.

Kate Winter now runs her own salon in St Asaph as well as teaching at Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan, and believes the facility and courses on offer to pupils gives the teenagers a head start in a career in hair and beauty.

The salon is run by Sharon Jones, who has been the school’s head of hair and beauty for 19 years.

She said: For many years we were located away from the school but we now have a purposely designed salon within the school.

We have always offered hair and beauty at Keystage 4 for Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan pupils and we also take mature students too.

In fact we also take pupils of other schools who come here to study under the guidance of fully trained and qualified staff. Health and beauty offered at Key Stage 4 counts as two GCSEs.

And sixth form students can gain professional qualifications at BTEC Level 3 which means they can go straight into work at salons or even open their own business.

In fact a number of our former students have gone onto open their own salons or are working in salons across the region as well as further afield, even on cruise ships.”

She added: What we are always in need of are new clients. I’d encourage mums of pupils, in fact anyone from the local area, who would like to sample the service we offer, to get in touch with the school to book and appointment.

It’s especially important for sixth form students to have the opportunity to carry out treatments on members of the public as part of their course.

And, as we only charge for the cost of the products used, it’s a great and cheap way of having a new hair style or beauty treatment whether that’s a manicure or something else.”

Kate opened her own salon, Ruby Tuesday, in St Asaph after studying at Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan as a mature student.

And the 33-year-old, who named her salon after her own seven-year-old daughter, said: I
actually attended Prestatyn High School and began studying hair and beauty at Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan at 18. I didn’t qualify until I was 20 so students studying at the school have a head start.

I teach students BTEC beauty therapy including manicures, pedicures, facials, make up and client care and product services. It really is very professional.”

She added: I would also encourage mums and local women to book an appointment at the school’s salon. I even send some of my own clients there as it gives learners some much-needed experience.

The time I spent studying at Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan has proved invaluable when opening my own salon.  And I couldn’t be happier the way the salon and my business is going.”

Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan head teacher Lee Cummins said: “Our fully functioning salons offer a wide variety of hair, beauty and sports therapy treatments, all of which are carried out in a professional and stylish environment at affordable prices.

“The aim is to give students the chance to study subjects at GCSE and BTECH standard and give them a good start in their career. It is proving very popular with those living locally, as they can get high quality treatments at affordable prices, as well.”

To book an appointment for any hair and beauty treatments or for more information call Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan reception on 01745 832287 and ask for the salon.

Sixth formers get measure of career in medical physics

High-flying sixth formers from North Wales have been getting the measure of a career in medical physics.

Science students from Abergele’s Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan, St Asaph’s Ysgol Glan Clwyd and Flint’s St Richard Gwyn Catholic High School were given an insight into the world of medical physics.

They attended an event at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd in Bodelwyddan which was organised by Julian MacDonald, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board’s head of radioisotope physics and clinical engineering.

Healthcare scientists working in medical physics apply physics and technical skills to the practice of medicine to help prevent, diagnose and treat many kinds of diseases and health conditions.

Ysgol Glan Clwyd student Matthew Baines, 17, of Dyserth, was impressed with what he saw during the visit.

He said: “It’s been really good and it gives us another career option to think about. The equipment and how it is used is amazing. I never realised just how much physics can be involved in treating disease.”

Fellow Ysgol Glan Clwyd student Iwan Stanyer, 17, of Rhyl, said: “I had no idea just how diverse the application of physics is within medicine."

Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan student Darci Tyler, 18, of Abergele, said: “The visit to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd has really opened my mind to new career opportunities. It’s definitely given me something to think about.”

Fellow Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan student, Jack Huang, 16, also of Abergele, added: “There are real career opportunities within medical physics and, once I’ve been to university and hopefully got my degree, medical physics is something I’m going to have to carefully consider as a career option.”

Julian MacDonald was delighted by the enthusiastic response from the sixth formers.

He said: “I’m thrilled with how the visit went. It is the first time we have done this. The students were so switched on, mature and asked many pertinent and well thought questions.

“I certainly hope to be inviting schools along again in the future. Medical physics isn’t widely known about, or advertised as a career option, so we wanted to raise awareness of it and showcase its many facets.”


Sunday, 20 March 2016

News Update

This week I have provided a brief round up of all the news.  As always there has been much going on in the school.  Here is a flavour of the activities this week.

This week has been Autism awareness week.  Learners in the Sixth Form took the opportunity to get to know more about Autism and how it affects the lives of young people with Autism.  They will be using this information to support their studies in Health and Social Care and the Skills Challenge. 

I am aware that I have already shared on Twitter the great achievement of learners in the school raising £500 for Sport Relief.  however, when I saw this picture I couldn't resist adding it to the blog.  A great example of how we live the 'Community' element of our school vision.

This week we had some Year 5 and 6 learners in school to take part in a Tennis Tournament.  Following some training a great competition was held.

Further information on the revision activities for Year 10 and 11 over the Easter Holidays will be shared this week.  It would be great to see as many learners as possible in over the Easter Holidays to make sure that all learners achieve the best they possibly can in the Summer of 2016.

'Dare to Achieve @ Emrys'

Just a reminder that the schools INSET day has moved from Monday 11th March to Monday 25th March 2016. 

School closes at the normal time on Thursday 24th March 2016.  The Easter letter will be out this week and I will add it to next weeks blog.

Wishing you all a lovely break over the Easter Holidays.