Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Reflection on the term.

The end of a term always provides a great opportunity to reflect on all that has been achieved in the school.  As always I have been really proud of the achievements in the school.  We have so many young people who are working hard and living up to the 'moto' of the school in terms of 'Daring to Achieve'.  Below summarises just some of these achievements.

One of the highlights of the term has been to invite colleagues from other schools to see what is going on in our lessons at Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan.  As the only TEEP Ambassador School in Wales it is great to be able to share the work of the school with others.

One of the things that we regularly celebrate in the school is the learners participation in the Engage @ Emrys Programme.  We really are very fortunate in terms of the range of activities which learners are able to access in the school.  It has also been great to see learners from Primary schools join us in these activities.  I look forward to seeing the programme for the final term ready to go out to you all.

F1 Team 'Nitro' - Part of the schools STEM Provision

Water Sports

Learners having a go at the whole range of Water Sports Activities.

Coding @ Emrys Club
A great event during the term was the World Book Night Event.  Over 200 learners from across the Primary schools joined us for a great event.  As always there were authors sharing their craft and other great activities for learners and their families to join in with

We have just launched our new newsletter.  A copy of this has been sent home with all learners and can also be accessed from the website.
Just a reminder that there are many activities on during the half term to support Year Eleven in their preparation for their examinations.  We hope that as any learners as possible take up the opportunities.  Please see our Twitter feed or the schools website for further information.

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