Sunday, 18 September 2016

Welcome Back

Welcome back !! 

It has been great to welcome all our learners back to school over the last two weeks.  We have had a fantastic start to the term and I look forward to this continuing.  I want to just highlight some of the very positive things that have been happening.

Attendance :  Attendance has been the highest ever at the start of an academic year.  We are delighted with this as we know that good attendance leads to good achievement.  The whole school target is for learners to maintain attendance above 95%.  We need everyone to Dare to Achieve on this.

Punctuality is equally important.  A reminder that all learners are expected to be in their tutor room for 8.55am each day.

Parents Meetings

We have so far had three parents meetings one for each of Year 11, Year 10 and Year 12/13.  

The feedback from each event has been very positive and we are looking at ways that we can continue to support parents in helping their child to achieve as well as possible.

Anyone who missed any of the events will have received the information in the post.  If this is not the case please contact the main office to request it.

It has been fantastic to see the learners return to school in the full uniform.  As you are aware this is an expectation that every day learners are prepared for learning.  This includes the appropriate uniform.

 Engage @ Emrys 
As you will know we run an extensive range of activities after school.  These are really important to help learners build confidence and take part in activities that they would not normally participate in.

Next weeks blog will focus on the activities that are available and how learners can get involved.


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