Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Catching Up...

It has been too long since by last blog and my new years resolution is to make sure that I get back to writing my blog each week.  I think there is so much going on that I have just not had time to write it all down!

Today we have had our very own Christmas Market in school.  Mrs Dolben, the Curriculum Leader for Languages, said that

"It was a great success and I think everyone enjoyed it!

I have just finished counting up all of the money raised (including loose change that has been collected) and we have managed to raise an amazing £80 for the North Clwyd Animal Rescue(special thank you to Mr Owens who contributed the final 10p in order to push us up to £80!)!"

As part of our work, as a TEEP Ambassador School, we have been working with a number of other local schools to share the quality of learning and teaching in the school with them.  This has been a fantastic opportunity to showcase what is going on in the school and our visitors have always been very impressed. 

This evening we have our Annual Christmas Concert.  I look forward to sharing with you how amazing it has been in my next blog before the end of this week.

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