Saturday, 4 March 2017

What have the learners been up to this week?

As many of you will already know the school has a well known vision. This vision is for every single learner in the school to 'Dare to Achieve'.  This highlights that we do not want anyone linked with our school to do the 'bare minimum', we should all be striving to achieve more and pushing ourselves by 'daring to achieve'.

I, as Headteacher, have the privileged of seeing this moto being carried out by so many learners and adults in the school each week that I want to share some examples with you.

Bethan Owen is a learner in our school who is the recipient of a 'Points of Light' Award from the Prime Minister.  The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers. Read the report on what Bethan has been doing below. 

Bethan Owen is 14 years old and has set up a unique karate club in her home town of Rhyl, specifically aimed at supporting fellow young carers coping with the responsibility of looking after loved ones. Despite caring for her mum who suffers from severe epilepsy, Bethan took up the sport at the age of 7 and became a black belt by the time she was 12.
She gained her instructor’s badge soon after and started sessions to give young carers confidence, self-esteem and support through their daily challenges. Nearly three years on she runs five coaching sessions a week, training children and adults from across the community.
In a personal letter to Bethan, Prime Minister Theresa May said:
“Your remarkable achievements at such a young age have provided an invaluable way for young carers like yourself to find fun, friendship and support through your karate sessions”

This week we have also had learners preparing for the British Council Schools International Awards.  Learners are preparing a presentation to share with others in Wales the outstanding international work we have been undertaking as a school.  We look forward to hearing how the presentation goes and the reaction of others to the commitment of our great learners. 

Year 11 have been working really hard in preparation for their examinations.  It was great to see a whole class of single science learners realise that they can get an A*/A and share what they needed to do to ensure this happens in the summer examinations.  They really were 'Daring to Achieve'  I have also been really pleased to see learners take up the opportunity of additional after school Maths lessons to support them in preparing for the Summer Examinations.  Small group lessons that really focus on the areas of knowledge they need to develop are working well.  
Keep up the good work and we will see fantastic results from you all in the summer exams.    

We were also able to announce our winners of the Chess Competition.  Again, learners demonstrated the willingness to Dare to Achieve.  They have also encouraged others to take up Chess and we have numerous learners in the Literacy Hub at lunch time competing against each other.  Its great to see. 

We have, this week, launched a new weekly e-Bulletin for Parents.  This is to provide you with information regarding what is happening in school each week.  We will trial this for the current half term and then seek your views.  It will be posted each Friday afternoon on the schools website in the 'Parents Section'  The first version is there now.  

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