Saturday, 30 September 2017

Carpe Diem - Sieze the Day

'Carpe Diem' - 'Seize the Day' seems like a great summary of the feeling in the school this week.  We have had another great week with an extraordinary range of activities taking place.  I'm not sure how we have fitted it all in, but we have!

As I often say to parents that I meet one of the special things about our school is the range of activities that learners can get involved in.  This week really has been a great example of this.  So many learners have started to learn a new skill or participated in something they have never done before.

Internal Visit - For a Greener Europe.

This week we had three learners who took part in the 'For a Greener Europe' visit to Sweden.  We are the lead school for this project and we have links with ten other European school.  Our learners have had some amazing experiences visiting other countries and spending time with teenagers from across Europe.  Some of the photographs from the visit are below. 

We also celebrated International Languages Day on Monday.  Learners participated in a range of activities to support their language development.

You can find out more about the visits to date by following the link below.

Sixth Form - Health and Social Care
The Sixth Form Health and Social Care learners are currently delivering health related lessons in many of our feeder Primary schools. 

This is a great opportunity for them to think about some of the ways to deliver complex health ideas to primary learners.

This week learners have been to watch Manchester City play football.  They were joined by learners from the feeder Primary schools.  Some learners have made the Ukulele and are now learning to play them.  Other learners have been horse riding and there had also been a meeting with parents and carers regarding the Skiing Trip taking place next Easter. 

Open Evening - Thursday 5th October from 6pm - 8pm.

Next week we are holding our very popular Open Evening.  Please make sure you come and see what the school can offer your child.  We provide a solid education and a whole range of other experiences in a safe and nurturing environment.  Please don't take my word for it come and see what the school is about.

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