Saturday, 18 November 2017

All Different All Equal

This week has been anti-bullying week and we have worked as a school to make sure that everyone
in our school feels safe and happy.  Every Friday morning I meet with groups of learners to talk about the school and what is going well and what we need to focus on next.  It was great to hear from Year Nine this week telling me how happy they are in school.  This is so important.  The learners were keen for me to look at how older learners could support younger learners, maybe as peer mentors or peer listeners.  This was a great idea and something we will look at this term.  What was also great was that learners were really clear on who they would talk to if they had a problem. 

If there are ever any problems with school we always appreciate parents / carers phoning the school directly so we can work together to solve any issues.

Sixth Form Welsh

For the first time in the schools history we have been able to deliver A Level Welsh.  We are very proud of this as a school.  It shows how much the area has developed in the school and how committed learners are to the development of their Welsh Language Skills. 

This week learners have been on an immersion course and had a great time and learned a great deal.

A number of learners have been involved in raising money for Children in Need 2017.  We will let you know how much the school has raised as soon as we have counted it all.

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