Saturday, 13 January 2018

A Great Week

It has been great to be back in school and we have had a lovely first week back.  Already there has been too much to share on my blog.  Do remember that you can follow us on Twitter where there are more great stories from the week @emrysapiwansch

The week started with learners from our Primary Schools coming into school and taking part in a range to STEM activities.  It was great to see so many Year 5 and 6 learners in school and excited about the activities and their learning.

Results 2016/17

As many of you will know, from my recent letter home to parents, we have had confirmation that our GCSE and A Level results compared very well with other schools and nationally last year.  Some of the headlines are;
  • 5A*-G at GCSE was 100% - This was exceptionally good.
  • Learners performed well on the new Numeracy GCSE with the performance of the learners in the school being in the top 50% of similar schools.
  • English performance at GCSE was also good being in the top 50% of similar schools - This was a challenge with the new GCSE but a great result.
  • Learners achievement in the Skills Challenge was exceptionally high 25% above the national average.
  • The performance in Science was in the top 25% of similar schools and Year 10 also achieved a good set of results in the summer.
  • The Capped Point Score (The measure of the performance of learners across five core areas and four other subjects) placed the school in the top 25% of all schools.
  • Attendance- Last year the school achieved its highest ever attendance. Our attendance placed us in the top 25% of similar schools and was above the county and Wales averages for the first time.
Year 11 Results

This week we were delighted with the performance of Year 11 who received their Maths and English
results from the November examinations.  The individual performances were generally very good and many learners were delighted with their results.  As with all sets of results there was some disappointment however, we have a plan and in Assembly on Monday we will be sharing with Year 11 what will happen next to make sure that every individual learner leaves having met their potential.

I was able to share with the year group that they had already achieved higher grades than the previous year 11 and that they still have some time before their Summer examinations.  It was a great message to be able to share.


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