Saturday, 30 June 2018


The last few weeks in school have been some of the most inspiring weeks we have had in the school.  There have been so many things going on that it has at times been challenging but also amazing to see so many young people respond positively together to each event.  This week has really made me think about what young people can achieve together.

 Year 13 Record of Achievement

Last night we said goodbye to our amazing Year 13 learners.  We gathered together to remember the good times and to share with the young adults we had in front of us the amazing opportunities that they have ahead of them and the need for them to seize the day and believe in themselves.  It was a lovely evening with a final chance to chat to parents and learners before the results day in the summer.  

Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan Sixth Form 2018/19
Just a reminder for any one still looking to join the Sixth Form at Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan that all the details to make an application can be found on the school website.  Just follow the link from the website or the link below.

Welcoming Year Six

This week is has been a pleasure to have our new year seven learners join us ready for September.  It has been the most successful transition that we have ever had and that is absolute credit to the Year Six learners and the staff in the school.  Both have been amazing.  Already we can see what a great year group this is going to be and how they will be able to 'live' the moto of Daring to Achieve!

'Code-a-thon' Winners

We are delighted that the five learners from Ysgol Emrys ap Iwans code@emrys club who took part in the 'code-a-thon' today were the secondary school winners.  The team had learners from KS3, 4 and 5.  It was a fantastic team effort to win out over some great competition.  

Year 11 Prom 

Following the success of last weeks Year 11 Record of Achievement this week we celebrated the Year 11 Prom.  This is a more informal opportunity for the learners to get together and celebrate their first five years with us as a school.  Once again it was an amazing evening with the learners responding so positively to such a lovely evening.  

We look forward to welcoming them all back for their results in the Summer and then back to Sixth Form in September 2018.

Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

This week we have had a number of learners who have undertaken their first expedition for the Duke of Edinburgh Award.  Whilst the weather was particularly hot this did not deter the learners from doing their very best and completing the course and the over night stay.  Well done, I'm sure many will have need resilience and determination. 

Finally for now...

Learners are currently preparing for the school production at the Rhyl Pavilion on Thursday and Friday of next weeks.  Please do come and join us for what I am sure will be a fantastic evening.  Tickets can be purchased from the Rhyl Pavilion.