Thursday, 14 February 2019

Supporting Year 11

This time of year is really important for Year 11.  With only 10 weeks until the first GCSE Exam we need to ensure that every learner is focused on their future success.

I wanted to use my Blog this week to share with you everything that we have in place for the learners.  A newsletter will be coming out to all parents over the next few days with further information.

The STUDY FOR SUCCESS area of the website is really important.  All the information for our learners is here.

Year 11 Intervention Timetable (January - May 2019)

Computer Science
Science (Biology week A and Chemistry week B)
English Language  (+Lit focus Year 10)
Skills Challenge (Individual project)
Physics (Lunchtime)
Health and Social Care
Child Development
Welsh (5 groups- 1 session per group)
Skills Challenge (Individual project)
English Literature (Coursework)
Health and Social Care
Child Development
PE (option) plus Teamwork catch up
Skills Challenge (Individual project)
English Language (Oracy)
It is essential that all learners are participating in the after school timetable as required.  We know this makes a huge difference to the success of each learner who engages in this.

February Half Term

There will be a timetable for February Half Term revision classes.  As soon as this is available it will be posted home to you and also displayed on the website. 


The school has bought GCSE Pod for every learner in Key Stage Four.  It is an excellent tool for revision.  Please ensure that your son / daughter is starting their revision now and making use of this excellent resource.  Further information can be found below and by following the link above to the Study for Success Website. 



GCSEPod has over 3,500 audio-visual podcasts containing all the right facts, quotes, keywords, dates and annotated diagrams that learners need for GCSE success. Watch podcasts on mobile, tablet or computer and get help with learning, homework and revision.
All learners have already been registered with GCSEPod and simply need to activate their account and choose a username and password. To access GCSEPod for the first time, follow these steps:
  1. Go to and click LOGIN
  3. Enter your name, date of birth and the name of your school
  4. Create a username and password (to be used next time you login) and select the subjects you study

The GCSEPod is available on computer and a free to download app for Apple and Android devices.

Revision Event
We will be running an event for Parents and Learners after the half term holiday to focus on revision.  Further details of this even will be shared with you as soon as possible.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Sad News

As many of you will be aware this week has been a sad week for the school.  We have lost someone who was very important to our school community.

Below I have copied the letter that I sent home to parents and the press release that I shared following the tragedy.

Letter to Parents 

It is with great sadness that I write to you to inform you of the passing a of a valued member of the Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan team, Mrs Stephanie Brettle.

Mrs Brettle has been an English teacher at the school since 2001 and has always brought joy and enthusiasm to her subject.  She has taught thousands of learners over the last 17 years and made a difference to many young people’s lives. She always took her responsibility as a teacher seriously whilst ensuring that the learners had fun. The whole school community is saddened by her passing. 

I have met with each year group today to share the sad news with them.  We have extra support in school in the form of trained counselors to support learners and staff through this difficult period. We will also be sharing our memories of Mrs Brettle through a series of condolence books during the next couple of weeks. 

Our thoughts are with the family of Mrs Brettle at this sad time and we appreciate your support during this difficult time.

Press Release

The whole school community is saddened by the loss of Stephanie Brettle.

Stephanie has been a teacher at the school since 2001 and throughout her time at the school she has approached everything with absolute commitment.  She was a fantastic English teacher who cared passionately about the way every single young person in her class progressed.  She was always willing to go the extra mile and learners loved her for it.

The thoughts of our whole school community are with her family at this very sad time. 

Final Note

I would like to thank everyone who has been in touch with myself or the school to offer their support.  Your kindness has supported us all.

First Post of 2019

Welcome to my first post of the New Year.

I hope that all the learners, and their families, reading this have had a great festive season and are now ready to face the year ahead.

New Year is like a blank book, and the pen is in your hands. It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself. Happy New Year.
Last year we saw so many of our learners write their own amazing stories.  We look forward to seeing even more young people doing that this year and writing their own amazing stories.

School Opening.
School reopens to all learners on Tuesday 8th January 2019.  School will open at normal time. 

It is important that all learners return to school in the correct uniform.  I have copied a reminder of the uniform expectations below.

  • Grey knitted V neck jumper *

       (with green and purple stripe on the neck and school badge)

  • Plain grey school wear trousers

       (no jeans, skin-tight trousers or leggings)

  • Grey granite stitch-down knife-pleat skirt *

       (girls may wear the trousers if they opt to)

  • White collared school wear shirt/blouse which buttons to the neck
  • School tie worn correctly to the neck *
  • Plain black shoes which can be polished

       (no expensive branded shoes)

  • Plain black accessories such as belts and hair bands
  • Tights – black or grey
  • Socks – black, grey or white